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  • Flux 1.1 Firmware Now Available!-ElectraStim Official

    Flux 1.1 Firmware Now Available!

    Benefiting from the latest updates to our AXIS stimulator, Flux version 1.1 firmware is now available with a more comprehensive Tilt Mode feature! To upgrade your Flux, all you'll need is a Windows PC* and our FREE update software. Full...

  • AXIS 1.2 firmware is now available!-ElectraStim Official

    AXIS 1.2 firmware is now available!

    AXIS has been steadily evolving since its release in early 2018- version 1.2 of the firmware is NOW available! For full information about the update, new features and how to apply it to your unit at home, please take a...

  • XBIZ: The Adult Industry and COVID-19-ElectraStim Official

    XBIZ: The Adult Industry and COVID-19

    It's a strange time to be alive. Normal, everyday activities are still restricted and although a lot of the world is returning to some semblance of normality, the spectre of COVID-19 is probably going to loom for some time.  We...

  • 10 Things We Learned At Eroticon 2018-ElectraStim Official

    10 Things We Learned At Eroticon 2018

    1. Eroticon is a unique experience, unlike any other show or conference in the adult industry. Over the years we've attended plenty of shows- Erofame, ETO, Erotica, Sexpo etc etc- but none of them feel like Eroticon and there were...

  • Anal Sex Toys for Men-ElectraStim Official

    Anal Sex Toys for Men

    Using anal sex toys is an incredibly pleasurable way to enhance a man’s sexual experiences. All men have a prostate, also known as the P-spot or male G-spot, and it can be found approximately 3 inches inside his bottom on...

  • Product Spotlight- ElectraStim SensaVox EM140 Stimulator-ElectraStim Official

    Product Spotlight- ElectraStim SensaVox EM140 Stimulator

    The SensaVox EM140 is our most powerful stimulator with modifiable patterns, audio-in, mains power and optional battery operation. Made to the highest safety and performance standards you'll feel a difference from every one of the huge 99 power intensities.