Electro-Sex Stimulators

If you're looking to buy your first e-stim toys or you want to upgrade your current electro stimulator, this is the place to start. You need a powerbox to power any of our electrodes and we have a range of erotic electro stimulation units to suit all experience levels.

These e-stim units bring life to your electro play, transmitting electrical signals to your body via any of our electrodes. Choose between battery powered, mains powered and rechargeable models. Each e-stim powerbox boasts a range of unique features to enhance your pleasure. Are you looking for a beginner's kit? Or perhaps you're an expert? The ElectraStim range of stimulators caters to every level of experience. 

ElectraStim stimulators differ from any other e-stim unit on the market by utilising cutting-edge technology and multiple input sensors to provide unique and interactive new play possibilities. 

All stimulators come with a 1 year warranty which can be upgraded to 3 years by registering your product within 4 weeks of purchase

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