Audio Stim Library

What Is Audio Stim?

'Audio stim' is very simply the use of audio files to control your electro-stimulator. By using audio, you allow for a broader range of rhythms and sensations than can be achieved with simple repeating pattern modes. The benefit of this is that you can set an intensity level that you enjoy, then lay back and enjoy a changing rhythm- hands free!

Plus, more advanced players can even make their own audio files that control the stimulation response exactly as desired. By stringing these files together you can create whole 'stories' that will manipulate your stimulation for your chosen length of time. There's a massive audio-stim community online, with many people sharing their audio files for free, so we also highly recommend searching Google

Our Flux and AXIS stimulators support stereostim play using a line-in input. This means that when you have a stereo track (that will have Left and Right channels), Flux and AXIS filter these so that the Left audio controls the left output and the Right controls the right output. Controlling the stimulation in this way means that the sensations can be much more dynamic and interesting.

Older stimulators on the market (including our SensaVox unit) have two channels but only process audio in Mono, which means both outputs will only respond to the Left channel of the audio.

Flux and AXIS have much more advanced audio processors so will respond much more accurately and pleasurably to this type of file for audio stim.

ElectraStim Sound Library

We've created a few extended stereo-stim files that demonstrate just some of the possibilities available with audio play. Don't forget that audio-stim tracks aren't designed to be listened to like music, so it's perfectly normal if they sound strange!

Download 'Building, Teasing Climax'

To ensure that you're experiencing these files as intended when playing with Flux or AXIS, it is important to please download our calibration tone:

Download Calibration Tone

This is a single 10 second pulse that will register on both channels. Please increase your audio device (phone/computer/mp3 player) volume slowly until the output bars on Flux or AXIS (while in Line-In mode) just max out like so:

axis electro stimulator audio mode

If you're interested in making your own sessions, you can download a selection of library files we've created to help you make your own extended files. By using the free open source audio editing software, Audacity (download here: you can paste any of these files together to control your stimulation.

If you're not familiar with Audacity, there are loads of YouTube videos and tutorials available online, but we will be releasing our own series of guide videos shortly.

These downloadable files are divided into Synchronised (simultaneously fires channel 1 and 2) and Asynchronous (channel 1 and 2 have different patterns) folders for ease of use, but you can also mix and match these files in Audacity to create new and unusual sensations. Please click the links to automatically download a zip folder of library files which you can use to build your own tracks.

ElectraStim Audio-Stim file library

The only limit is your imagination!

For more information and support with stereo-stim, please contact us on