Your Questions Answered- December 2022

Your Questions Answered- December 2022

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Your Questions Answered - December

We've had a fantastic response once again to our call for questions; thanks to everyone who has submitted an email. 

If you want to ask an anonymous question and help out everyone else wondering the same, then feel free to submit it to us below for inclusion in the New Year!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all from the ElectraStim team 



"I use 2 pads on my penis but have to cut them to fit. I’m not exactly “hung”. Are there smaller pads made? I have tried adjustable bands and the wire things but don’t like them. Thanks!"

Some of you may remember this question from the last email. A very kind and helpful customer emailed in to make the following suggestion for how to improve contact with the pads even further: 

"I’ve had great success with trimming pads to fit. I do find that a standard squash pad can be trimmed down to about 1/3 its size without much discomfort. Rounding the corners out helps. The big reason for experiencing hot spots, in my experiences, is that there is a lot let adhesive surface and they don’t stay firmly attached. Especially when your penis is growing and shrinking during play. The solution? Silicone Sleeves designed for penis pumps.
eBay is the best source I have found. I cut them down to a size that holds the pads in place. If pads are placed at the base and at the top I use two pieces, one for each pad, rather than try to slip one over you entire shaft. These are very stretchy and come in different diameters. I use one that holds the pads in place without excess pressure. Works really well.
Hope this helps someone." 


"I really like the rapid pulses at the end of a few programs on my EM80, but obviously they only last a short time. Is it possible to add more programs to the device?"

Unfortunately it's not possible to add new patterns or modes to the Flick units. The patterns that are available are built into the code of the unit, so adding anything new would involve a total overhaul of the way that Flick works. 

Flick has been out for nearly 10 years now, so in that time we've got smarter with our units! Flux and AXIS have powerful internal processors and plenty of memory that allows us to add patterns and modes which can be loaded onto the unit at home. 

The only other way that you could potentially replicate the fast pulses at the end of the program is to utilise the Flick motion-controlled mode where you can whip/flick the unit as fast as you like to send sensation to the accessories. Admittedly this is a labour intensive method that may result in a tired arm but it could be the fun addition to play that you're after!


"Would it be possible to save music on the future unit like mp3 files???"

The onboard memory inside our more advanced units Flux and AXIS is reserved for processing and also allows us to upgrade the units to add new patterns or modes.

Currently there are no plans to introduce a unit with music storage, but we're hoping a new product we have in development will address this for you. It's top secret at the moment unfortunately, but we hear you and we're working on something special! 


  "How can I prolong the life of conductive pads?"   

Always use the clear plastic film supplied with the pads to cover the adhesive when not in use and store flat in a cool dry place. You can even put them in the fridge to prolong the life and introduce an added chilly sensation at the beginning of play!

A single drop of water massaged into the adhesive side can also refresh dried out pads enough for you to get another 1-2 uses from them. 

If you ever find that the sensation of your pads has dulled it's worth trying a tiny amount of lube or conductive gel on the skin where the pad will sit. Not enough to stop it sticking but just enough to improve the connection!

Replacement pads are available in both Long and Square sizes.


  "Hi, i am curious what the draw would be for an insertable with two electrodes, one each on an opposite side of the shaft? It makes sense to have electrodes on either end, tip and base, delivering a feeling of thrusting in and out  but Why do so many have them on opposite sides of the shaft? What sensation is the goal there?"   

Another great question. Generally speaking we've found that most of our insertables (particularly the dildos) are manually thrusted in and out during play, or the user will rock on the toy which also introduces some movement.

If we were to have the conductive areas at the top and the base as you've suggested we found that one (or both) areas would lose contact with the body due to the way a majority of users will play. This means that for much of the manual movement the electro sensation would effectively be rapidly turned on and off like a switch as the circuit is broken. Each time the stimulation 'turns on' due to the circuit being completed it will be on an extremely small surface area and will be quite uncomfortable/painful. 

Girl on the Net has a fantastic (and NSFW) blog about this exact principle of surface area.

By putting the conductive areas on the side it gives the user more control as it's easier to know how much of the conductive area is touching you when both sides are identical. It also means that unless you fully withdraw the toy when thrusting that you'll always have electro stimulation flowing. Have a top and bottom conductive area is technically easier for us to manufacture, but in practice it just doesn't work well for the user so we've taken the harder but better option! 

Having the conductive areas on the side also means that the toy is suitable for both users who like to manually move the toy as well as those who don't which ultimately makes our toys more versatile. 

Many of our users of the Komodo Dildo for example have reported that with the combination of a Wave pattern that you can recreate the sensation of thrusting as your muscles contract around the dildo with each pulse. This is particularly suitable for users who prefer to insert and then allow the electro to produce the sensations rather than also moving the toy manually. 

For a more detailed overview of the Komodo in use Joanne's Sex Toy Reviews has a in depth review available. 


  "Can you use the Estim too long on the penis and cause problems in nerves or muscles etc?"   

The short answer is that if you're using ElectraStim stimulators and accessories then no, there's no risk to your nerves or muscles. After a long play session at high levels you may notice some tingling or a change in sensation for a short time, but this will return to normal with time and rest (with no lasting effects). Of course you must remember to keep your play strictly below the waist at all times. 

HOWEVER, the reason this is a two part answer is that there are a lot of different devices on the market that are advertised for electro sex and they all work in different ways- some of them dangerous.

Static electricity can be used to mimic some of the sensations of erotic electro stimulation; the most famous of these devices being the violet wand. This type of e-stim relies on the device sending a short, sharp 'spark' of electrical energy to the skin and is more suited to a BDSM punishment scene as it is often extremely hard to control. Long term use of this type of device can cause surface damage to the skin (as it can get very hot) and could cause some long term damage to nerve endings. 

Another kind of electro-stimulation often promoted in erotic circles are 'DIY' units that are often powered by extremely high capacity batteries or even have a mains connection. Over the years we've seen online tutorials involving car batteries, tin foil and even cattle prods (yes, really). These are extremely dangerous and should not be used under any circumstances.

The final type of electro stimulation is the type that we (and other erotic e-stim brands) use. This is the same technology as medical TENS/EMS units that are designed for pain relief or muscular rehabilitation. Using pulse-type waveforms to safely stimulate the nerves and muscles we give the user full control over the stimulation and let you play to high levels within a safe and pleasurable spectrum. 

At ElectraStim, all our stimulators are designed to conform to medical grade safety principles (although the adult industry is not regulated and does not require it). For detailed technical information, check out our blog article 'Not All Electro Sex Is Created Equal'


  "Where do you place the electrodes on a female for her to have hands free orgasm? And what tools would you use?"   

A hands-free orgasm is never guaranteed with electro, but here are our favourite ways to give it a go!

In this position the electro stimulation will flow between the pads over the vulva. If you place the top pad on the pelvic bone you should be able to position the stimulation so that it runs over the clitoris.

As everyone's anatomy is a little different you'll have to experiment with the positioning of the pads and the modes on your stimulator to find a combination that works for you. Just remember to turn the unit off before you try to reposition the pads! 

Note: This particular positioning is most effective if you have no (or very short) pubic hair so the conductive patches can stay in place.  

With this position you're likely to get more stimulation throughout the entire vulva rather than concentrated on the clitoris. 

You don't have to sit like this of course, but a pad on the very top of each thigh will cause the stimulation to ripple over the whole area between your legs. Think of it as more sensory overload than pinpoint pleasure! 

Yes you're using a dildo for this one, but that's not a hand so it still counts! Again, you don't have to be in this exact position, but insert an electro dildo like Komodo or a butt plug then try the various different modes on your stimulator until you find a pattern and intensity you enjoy. 

The aim here is to keep the toy inserted fully at all times rather than thrusting it- we're trying to replicate the sensation of movement through the electro. 

This position is fantastic fun in a dom/sub scenario where the recipient isn't allowed to move but must entirely rely on the electro sensations to reach climax. 


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