ElectraStim Jack Socket TPE Renewing Powder


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Maintain the deliciously realistic softness of your electro-stroker with ElectraStim Jack Socket TPE Renewing Powder. Simply dust the inner sleeve of your Jack Socket with the powder before use to rejuvenate the texture of the material to its skin-like feel.

If you use and wash your Jack Socket (or any other TPE toy) regularly you’ll notice that the material can become slightly sticky and not as tempting as it once was… A quick dusting of Renewing Powder will quickly transform your sleeve back to its original quality.

Just dust it onto a clean and dry sleeve (remove it from the silicone outer casing first) then rub and squeeze the sleeve until all the powder is absorbed. Good as new!

Safe for use, non toxic, vegan and presented in a handy shaker bottle.


  • Ingredients: 100% cornstarch
  • Size: 80ml / 2.07fl oz

ElectraStim Renewing Powder is 100% cornstarch and can be used to maintain the softness and flexibility of the Jack Socket's TPE sleeve.

After washing and repeated use the flesh-like material of TPE can become slightly sticky and less appealing than when new. To return the texture to prime condition, all you need is to dust a small amount of Rewewing Powder over the sleeve.

How do I use renewing powder?

For optimum softness we recommend that you dust your Jack Socket sleeve with powder lightly before use and after thorough cleaning.

  • Ensure your Jack Socket is clean and completely dry.
  • Remove the pink sleeve from the black silicone outer case. Renewing powder will not damage the silicone in any way but we find it's easier to powder the sleeve by itself.
  • Dust the sleeve generously with powder- inside and out.
  • Manipulate and rub the sleeve between your hands until the powder is absorbed and the softness has returned. Use more powder if required.

Can I Use This Powder With Other TPE Toys?

ElectraStim Renewing Powder is 100% cornstarch and should be compatible/safe for use with any TPE toys to maintain softness. However, always read the directions given by the manufacturer.