Electro abrazadera bipolar ElectraClamp


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La electropinza bipolar ElectraClamp es la opción de electrodo ideal si desea estimular solo una pequeña superficie de su cuerpo. Diseñada para tener un agarre suave, puede usar esta abrazadera eléctrica e-stim en cualquier lugar debajo de la cintura para proporcionar una estimulación precisa en sus zonas de placer más pequeñas.

Adecuado para uso en pene, testículos, perineo, labios y clítoris; Esta abrazadera es ajustable y se puede sujetar a cualquier área suelta de la piel.

Aplique un poco de gel conductor (se vende por separado) en los puntos de contacto antes de la aplicación para experimentar una estimulación más clara y resonante. Conecte los contactos bipolares a cualquier estimulador ElectraStim (se vende por separado) y sentirá los deliciosos hormigueos y contracciones del electro-sexo con mayor precisión.

Fabricada de plástico ABS liso con almohadillas de silicona conductoras, esta abrazadera liviana es discreta pero proporciona una estimulación engañosamente poderosa a través de cualquier superficie pequeña a la que la coloques.


  • Longitud: 60 mm/2,3 pulgadas
  • Ancho: 40 mm/1,6 pulgadas
  • Conexión: 2mm
  • Peso: 14g
  • Materiales: Plástico ABS, silicona conductora sin ftalatos.
  • Número de polos: 2 (bipolar)

¿Qué está incluido?

  • 1x abrazadera eléctrica
  • 1x bolsa de almacenamiento de microfibra
  • 1x Folleto de instrucciones (EN/FR/DE/NL/ES/IT)


Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Peter C
ElectraClamp BiPolar Electro Clamp

I found them to have just the right strength.

Jayzin Nunya
Basically useless when used with the gel

The clamp works as far as being a bi-polar unit. It stays on well without using the conductive gel, but that delivers an uneven 'jolty' shock that's only good for pain-play. When used with the gel, the clamp size & strength causes it to slip and pop off anything you clamp it to. It requires you to clamp it 'around' the skin, which puts the conductive pads more in contact with each other than with the intended body part. I tested it on male and female nipples, fingers, earlobes, tongue, lips, and clit; it popped off all of them when using the gel. The only places it had any success at staying in place when gelled was labia minora and loose scrotum skin. So, unless you're looking for something to use for pinpoint bdsm pain-play, avoid this clamp.

ElectraClamp BiPolar Electro Clamp

The good: The clamp seems reasonably solid, conducts well, doesn't stick to the skin, doesn't hurt on removal, and doesn't clamp down overly hard. The other: While seemingly solid enough the clamp does sometimes not close completely, creaks on occasion, and the connection points don't quite go all the way in. The assertion that it can "even fit on a thigh" is something I'd certainly like to see done, since not only can it not attach to my thigh it has proven to be difficult to convince it to stay attached to anywhere without some pressing it together hard and hoping it decides not to slip off. All in all, perfectly fine, but I wouldn't go trying to attach it using any sort of lubrication or conductive gel despite recommendations to do so. Feels brilliant, and if it would stay more firmly attached would be a favourite. Alas that it does not. So far, it seems to attach best to a nipple.

william Rooney

they work well if you wrap a rubber band around them!


Easy to use. Good grip.