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Blogger Spotlight- The Gritty Woman- UK Sex Blogger

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If you're looking for insight into the world of women's and m/f couple's sex toys, The Gritty Woman should be on your must-read list. She and her partner both contribute their knowledge and experience of sex toys to the Gritty Woman franchise. Their list of have-tried toys make them among the most experienced UK sex blogging forces - and you'll find them on the reviewer books for several major adult retailers.

We spoke to Gritty Woman herself to find out more about her interest in all things sex and how she switched onto blogging.

The Gritty Woman Blog Story

the gritty womanI purchased my first sex toys over a decade ago, after plucking up the courage to visit a local sex toy store. I remember feeling pretty nervous, but I had made it through the door and intended to make a purchase. Having a small budget, I selected products based purely on the price tag. The cheaper the product, the better value for money…right?

Those first experiences were not good. My new toys smelled really bad and caused irritation during use. It took a long time for me to realise it wasn’t my fault. I thought I was too sensitive, but I was actually having a bad reaction to the sex toy materials. When I began reviewing sex toys, I started to do my research. I discovered that not all sex toys are made equal. These days, I only use high quality, body safe sex toys from reputable companies.

I was browsing a couple of sex toy stores, looking to make another exciting purchase, when I stumbled across a company who were looking for reviewers. The idea really appealed to me, so I put my name forward. A few weeks later, I was delighted to discover I had been selected to review my first tester product (it was a gorgeous feather tickler).
Pretty soon, I was reviewing on a regular basis and I had people approaching me for advice. I got a lot of pleasure out of helping others, so I decided to branch out further. I started writing guides and opinion pieces relating to sex. I needed a platform to share my work, so began in February 2013. It has been going from strength to strength ever since.

Gritty Woman's Favourite Sex Toys

Decisions, decisions! To be honest, it really depends on my mood at the time. If I am alone,
gritty woman e-stimI usually choose a simple-but-powerful clitoral vibrator (such as the We-vibe Tango) and a squishy silicone dildo (I love the Vixen Leo).

However, my all-time favourite sex toys are the ones I can use to tease and torment my submissive partner. Products designed for sensory play (e-stim devices, spanking implements etc) are personal favourites, closely followed by bondage gear. One of the best decisions I ever made was to purchase a male chastity device. Keeping him locked up and constantly aroused has transformed our sex life.

Gritty Woman  & Electro Sex Toys

I was researching sensory play ideas and I stumbled upon an article about electro-stimulation. Although it sounded very exciting, I was not convinced. I associated the word “electro” with static shocks and electrical jolts. The thought of introducing that sensation to the most sensitive areas of my body made me shudder.

Funnily enough, I didn’t have the same reservations about using e-stim on my partner (yes, I am quite sadistic). I continued to do my research and the more I read, the more I realised how diverse electro stimulation could be. I was initially curious about inflicting pain, but I found many more instances where people used e-stim for sexual pleasure. I even saw videos of men, reaching orgasm from electro-stimulation alone. I was fascinated and more than a little curious.

I received my first Electrastim product (the EM60-M Flick) back in August 2013. This was my first experience with electro-stimulation, so I had mixed feelings; I was super excited, but nervous about the unknown. The first time I used the device, I remember that the sensations took me by surprise. I expected to feel a sharp jolt of pain, but instead I felt a gentle tingling sensation. It felt like a milder version of pins and needles. As I turned the intensity up, the tingles turned into an enjoyable vibration-like sensation. It felt very pleasurable.

Internal electro-stimulation accessories provide a totally different kind of stimulation. I didn’t feel any tingling or vibration; instead I felt my PC muscles involuntarily contract and relax. If I set my e-stim device on a pulse setting, my muscles would clench and relax as if I were having an orgasm. It felt great, especially when combined with clitoral stimulation. As an added bonus, I can use these internal e-stim accessories to strengthen my pc muscles. For those who may be wondering; internal probes produce the same type of sensation when used anally.

the gritty woman male electro sexMy partner also joined in, In fact he got to experience the Electrastim EM60-M Flick before I did. I just couldn’t resist using it to tease him first. With so many amazing e-stim accessories to choose from, we are still experimenting to this day. I love to mix it up, surprising him with a new variation each time. Unlike me, my partner can reach orgasm from electro-stimulation, so I enjoy using the device to provide pleasure, as well as pain.

Gritty Woman's Favourite ElectraStim Toys

I absolutely adore the Electrastim Noir Lula Kegel balls. With these silicone balls inserted, I can experience muscular contractions similar to those felt when I orgasm. The device mimics the natural clenching during arousal, so I use the Lula Balls to help intensify my orgasms. I also believe these contractions are helping to strengthen my pc muscles. My partner really enjoys using the stimulator pads and the metal cock rings. This combination gives him the most pleasure.

Gritty Woman's Electro Sex Tips for Beginners

Electro stimulation is often associated with BDSM, but don’t jump to the same conclusions I did; e-stim only hurts if you want it to. E-stim offers a broad range of sensations, depending on the accessory you use and the setting/intensity you select on your device. I have personally experienced:
• Light, ticklish tingles.
• Vibration-like sensations that vary from mild to intense.
• Painless muscular contractions.
• Sharp pin prick sensations.

Read plenty of Advice Guides and experiment with different accessories, settings and intensities to discover all that e-stim has to offer. To avoid the risk of injury, make sure to purchase a quality device from a reputable, knowledgeable e-stim store. Don’t be afraid to ask questions.

What's Next for Gritty Woman?

I would like to try more electro fetish accessories. I recently received the Electrastim Spanking Paddle to test/review, which I am really looking forward to! I am also curious about the Double Wartenburg pinwheel and the genital clamps. One day, I intend to upgrade my single output device to a dual output device, for even more tingly, e-stim fun.

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