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Electro Pad Placement- Self Love, The Electro Way- Masturbation May

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Although we're certainly not confining our onanism to the month of May, Masturbation Month is a fantastic opportunity for creators, commentators and brands to extol the virtues of a nice healthy wank. 

Introducing e-stim to masturbation takes things to the next level and most of us start our electro journey with self-adhesive conductive pads. They're easy to attach, reusable and come included with all our stimulators, so are ready to use right out of the box. 

But how to use them effectively? Pad placement tips are something we're often asked for, so this May we're bringing some of our favourite configurations to life (sort of!) for your enjoyment. 


1 x Cock Ring, 1 x Conductive Pad

This is a classic. cock ring just under the head of the penis and a conductive pad on the pubic bone just above the base of the shaft. The stimulation will travel the length of the penis and feel the most intense around the glans. 


2 x Long Conductive Pads 

By using two conductive pads placed on the length of the shaft, you concentrate the electro stimulation entirely on the penis. This positioning is optimum for experimenting with higher intensities as the extremely sensitive head is not directly stimulated. Having said that, in this configuration the penis owner will feel it all over! 


2 x Square Pads 


Don't worry, you don't necessarily need to be crouching down for this one! By placing one pad just above the base of the penis an another on the perineum the stimulation travels between the two. This not only stimulates every inch of the penis but will also cross the prostate internally for a deeper sensation. 

Bonus points if you have a dual output stimulator and can combine this configuration with a butt plug and perhaps a urethral sound. Or, use a dual output stim and our triphase cable to connect 3 accessories. 


We'd love to hear about your favourite pad placement! 

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