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Silicone Fusion

Silicone Fusion- Where Electro Meets Mainstream. Combining the sumptuous softness of silicone with the intense stimulation of electro sex, this new range of accessories draws on the success of our Silicone Noir accessory collection.

This spicy shade of red is designed to not only be eye-catching but is a gender-neutral tone that evokes the kinkier side of the electro world while sitting comfortably alongside more mainstream sex toys.

With this colour comes unique designs not seen in the e-stim category before and the same high performance you expect from the UK’s longest established electro sex manufacturer. Silicone Fusion blends form and functionality to make aesthetically pleasing toys that also pack a punch when combined with an ElectraStim stimulator (sold separately).

Silicone Fusion 'Viper' Bi-Polar Cock Ring

Whether you're wearing Viper for masturbation or play with a partner, this bold cock shield lets you experience the unique sensations of electro sex in a huge range of scenarios. Made from the Fusion range's signature red and black silicone, Viper's striking...

Silicone Fusion 'Habanero' Electro Prostate Massager

Transform your play with the Habanero Electro Sex Prostate Massager- expertly designed for the most intense play whether used alone or with a partner. Made from spicy red silicone the curved design of Habanero provides a pleasurable feeling of fullness...

Silicone Fusion 'Komodo' Electro Dildo

‘Komodo’ is the first silicone strap-on dildo in the ElectraStim range and has a wide variety of uses for both vaginal and anal electro play. Made from smooth and sleek medical grade silicone in a spicy shade of red, Komodo’s...

Silicone Fusion 'Infinity' Electro Pinwheel

What Is Infinity? Incorporate the kinky side of electro-play into the bed room with the Infinity Silicone Pinwheel. Inspired by the sharp metal Wartenberg wheels popular in fetish crowds, Infinity's sensual silicone softens the sensations for a more subtle type of...