Electro Sex Safety

Stimulation should ONLY be applied below the waist
You should also ensure that your chosen electrodes are fit for purpose (ie: don't use a probe for anal stimulation unless it is stated as being suitable for anal play).
You should not use electro sex if:

  • You are pregnant
  • You have epilepsy
  • You have any sort of heart condition (including pacemakers)
  • You are suffering from any sort of genital injury or disorder

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Use Electro Sex If I Have A Medical Implant?

Users with pacemakers or any cardiac implant should never use electro sex devices.

Anyone who has a stent, diabetic CGM implant or cochlear implant should consult their doctor and our technical team before use.

Structural or cosmetic implants that are below the waist (such as pins, plates etc) are not a concern when using electro sex products.

The kind of materials used for these implants are generally a very low conductivity alloy such as titanium, so it's perfectly safe for you to continue to use electro-sex products. 

Some people report a very slight tingling around their surgery site if they use electro sex close to the implant (i.e. hip replacements) but anecdotally speaking, most people feel no change in sensation.

Scar-tissue in general (surgical or otherwise) can be quite sensitive to electro stimulation anyway, so if you do experience any unwanted sensations you should move the electrode to a different position.

Women with an IUD (the Coil) fitted should also experience no change in sensation. For more information, please consult Using Electro Sex With an IUD

Can I Use Electro Sex If I Have Intimate Piercings?

The short answer is yes.

The kinds of metal used in a lot of jewellery have poor conductive properties so you're not going to suddenly get a surprise during play! As with medical implants, some users may feel as though the electro sensations 'concentrate' around the metal but this is not dangerous and can be repositioned if desired.

Please remember that although electro sex poses no risk to users with piercings you still must not use electro sex around the chest or face.

How Safe Are ElectraStim-branded Products?

Although ElectraStim products are not medical devices, we have designed them in accordance with the European General Requirements for Safety of Medical Electrical Equipment (EN60601-1 and section 2.10 for nerve and muscle stimulators). All of our stimulators and accessories carry the mandatory CE & UKCA marks.

To mitigate any potential problems you should always read the stimulator and electrode instructions carefully before use. If you do not understand the instructions, you should contact us for further advice before play.

How Are ElectraStim Products Different From TENS?

ElectraStim products are not medical devices with some imaginative accessories. Each ElectraStim stimulator and electrode has been designed in the UK especially for intimate erotic stimulation.

From the patterns and functions programmed into our various stimulation units to the specialist shapes, sizes and styles of electrodes, our products are specialist sex toys. It is not recommended you use a TENS or electromuscular (EMS) therapy unit or similar for erotic stimulation.

Likewise, we do not recommend ElectraStim for medical use.

Can I Have Sex At The Same Time As Using Electro Stimulation?

Definitely! Electro sex products can be used solo or together at any stage of your play.

You can also wear any ElectraStim cock ring, band or loop during penetrative sex. Simply place the electrode around the very base of your penis or around your penis and testicles. So long as the cock ring is positioned so that it doesn’t inhibit penetration, you can enjoy wear during penetrative intercourse.

Barring the Viper Cock Ring (which is bipolar), all of our ElectraStim cock rings are uni-polar, so you will need to wear one alongside another uni-polar electrode. You can either give your partner a uni-polar electrode to play with so you share sensations wherever you touch, or use another electrode like an ElectraPad so only you feel stimulation.

For a (very!) detailed explanation of how it feels, visit erotic author and blogger Girl On The Net for more information.