Pleasure and Pain. Why Is That Combination So Popular?

One of the first questions we get from any beginner to electro is 'Will it hurt?'.

Although there are plenty of ways to reassure a newbie, the honest answer we tend to give is 'No, not unless you want it to!'

As you're here, you're probably interested in the harder side of things when it comes to electro, so you'll be pleased to know that electro stimulation can be made to feel incredibly intense; sometimes to the point of discomfort.

But why is pain for pleasure something that's so common, and not just in the fetish community? The layman's answer is that nerve endings are complicated and sometimes painful or pleasurable signals may become muddled. If you're in a state of arousal already, a painful signal could be interpreted as an intensely pleasurable one instead.

For a much more comprehensive answer, check out these sources from Wikipedia, the BBC and Medical News Today.

Electro Pain/Pleasure

If you want a slow and sensual type of play then you'd likely choose a low intensity level, surface electrodes like pads, or a soft silicone insertable.

However, if you want to ramp things up with electro and experience the full intensity possible with this type of stimulation then you need to think about power, size and material.

Metal products will feel much more intense and also have the benefit of the hard material having no 'give' to it. You can also experiment with temperature play at the same time as these electrodes will quickly take on the temperature of wherever they're stored.

In order to power larger metal toys properly you'll need to have either our SensaVox, Flux or AXIS stimulator as these three units represent the most powerful in our range.

For a detailed breakdown of which toys are compatible with which stimulators, visit our full Compatibility Table.