The Jack Socket Electro Stroker and How To Use It


Jack Socket is a unique sex toy for men, made exclusively by ElectraStim, that combines the pleasure of a realistic stroker with the powerful and pleasurable sensations of e-stim. The result is an intense sexual experience that no other sex toy before it has created. In fact, the experience is so unique that Jack Socket is the only electro-masturbator for men on the market.


Jack Socket has a case made from soft, flexible silicone and a realistic feel sleeve made from TPE. The case features 2mm pin connection, allowing you to use it with any ElectraStim stimulator as well as a variety of other devices by using our adapters.

Sensation is conducted by inserting conductive gel (included in the pack) into the gel ports found in the case. Water-based lube is then applied to the textured sleeve to provide a slippery, wet sensation inside. A sample is included in the pack.

When the stimulator powers up, the tingling and throbbing sensations electrastim create are transmitted straight to where you want them most, accompanied by the intensely pleasurable feeling of realistic stroking. Squeeze, twist, stroke and thrust while you throb in time with stimulation.

How To Use Jack Socket

Jack Socket requires conductive gel, which comes included in the pack. This is inserted into the gel ports and allows sensation to be conducted through the sleeve. Water-based lubricant is then applied to the inside of the sleeve to give a slippery, wet and natural feel.

Grip is fully adjustable thanks to the truly flexible case, squeeze to adjust the pressure to your liking and get ready to power up your stimulator. The inner sleeve also comes in 'Standard' or 'XL' sizes so you can pick the diameter that best suits your anatomy.

The sensation starts with a gentle tingle that comes and goes in time with the stimulation pattern. Patterns vary between stimulator models, but they generally throb, wave, pulsate, escalate and fall – or a combination of all three!

Increase the power and your erotic muscles start to clench and relax in time with the tingle, feeling similar to the contractions you feel during orgasm – but lasting as long as play. For many men, this is enough to bring them to orgasm but if you need more – you’ll love the textured sleeve. Its full curves expertly massage your length, with the open-ended design allowing you to focus pressure and stimulation where you want it most.

Jack Socket Electro-Sex Tips:

  • Pre-warm the lube, conductive gel and realistic sleeve by immersing them in a sink of medium-to-hot water and leave them there for 5 minutes. Make sure you pat the sleeve dry before returning it to the case. The added heat from pre-warming really adds to the realistic sensations.

  • Start off slowly with a long, wavering pattern on your stimulator and low level stimulation. Increase power, tightness of grip and the speed/ intensity of stimulation gradually for a more intense orgasm.

  • Feel sensation surrounding your glans and frenulum by squeezing the open end closed and rolling the sleeve in slow, gyrating motions.

  • If you own an ElectraStim Flick or Flick Duo, you can truly synchronise your stroke with e-stim by experimenting with ‘Flick’ mode. Feel stimulation quicken and intensify with the movements of your stroke

Cleaning and Maintenance:

Jack Socket can be fully disassembled for cleaning using soapy water and an anti-bacterial sex toy cleaner. The inner sleeve can be dusted with renewing powder after cleaning to maintain suppleness and extend life. Make sure all components are dry before reassembling the stroker and replacing the cap to protect the sleeve during storage.

Replacement Jack Socket Sleeves are available.

Pack Contents:

    • Jack Socket male masturbator/stroker – comprised of a flexible case with caps and realistic sleeve

    • 60g tube of electro conductive gel

    • Sample of lubricant

    • Multi-language instructions (EN, FR, DE, NL, ES, IT)

You will also need an ElectraStim stimulator to feel the required sensations as well as a sex toy cleaner, water based lube and conductive gel for the optimum experience.

For videos, reviews and cleaning advice please visit the main Jack Socket page.