Using Electro Stimulation For Clitoral Play

Although it's usually the first intimate zone most women want to stimulate, using electro stimulation for clitoral play takes a little bit of practice. Many first timers find that the sensations are a little more sensitive rather than the pleasurable experience they were hoping for and that can put people off trying again. However, don't give up! There are ways to make the experience much more pleasurable.

When you use vibrators and other vibrating sex toys to pleasure the clitoris, their energy tends to be focused on the clitoral glans – the part of the clitoris that protrudes from the clitoral hood. If you use a small electrode to stimulate your clitoris directly in this way, the sensations that are felt are

incredibly intense and can feel very prickly. This is because a lot of energy is being focused on a small surface area, resulting in a concentrated burst of stimulation. That’s all well and good if you’re looking to push your pleasure/pain boundaries but if you’re looking for a more sensual experience right away you're going to be unsatisfied.

The Halo

Our Halo Clitoral Stimulator is our first electrode designed for clitoral pleasure. It has two different contacts to explore – a petite tip that’s better for more intense sensation and a larger base that’s ideal for more pleasurable sensations. You can use Halo as a bi-polar electrode but while you’re experimenting with sensations it’s better to use it as a uni-polar electrode alongside an ElectraPad or another electrode you’re already familiar with. Our long electra-pads are especially suited for clitoral stimulation as they can be placed lengthways alongside the clitoris.

Before you play with Halo you should already be fully aroused as you’re going to use the larger contact to massage your clitoral shaft. If you’re unsure of the path your clitoral shaft takes, you can find it by gently pinching your clitoral hood and slowly moving your fingers backwards along your mons pubis. You should be able to feel a well-defined pathway of erectile tissue that extends from the very tip of your clit and disappears beneath your skin. That’s where you want to focus stimulation.

Plug Halo into your stimulator so that the bottom, larger contact will be live and rest it on your mons pubis. Before you switch on the power, practice rolling the surface along the length of your clitoris. You’ll want to use a little pressure to stimulate through the layers of skin between Halo and the entire clitoral shaft. The clitoris is way bigger than it looks on the outside and extends deeper into your body in a 'shaft'. You may feel that your clitoris responds to the shaft being massaged before you switch your stimulator on.

Now you’ve got the motions perfected, you can bring stimulation into play. Use some conductive gel to lubricate the tip of the Halo to improve conductivity. This is a must with most external electrodes.

When you’re feeling confident with the sensations, switch your stimulator to a pattern setting. Alongside the soft tingles you’ve been experiencing you’ll start to feel throbbing contractions in your clitoral shaft. If you can’t feel contractions you can try varying the pressure you’re using or turn up the intensity but be careful not to turn your stimulator up too high.

Once you’ve found your rhythm with clitoral e-stim you can try massaging the glans. You may want to turn the intensity down before you try. Continue the rolling motion you’ve been using along your shaft, but extend it over the clitoral tip. If you find sensation is still too strong, you can try stimulating through the hood for a more buffered sensation. Direct clitoral e-stim is not for everyone and if you find it’s more appealing to confine stimulation to your shaft, you can use your finger or a vibrator to simultaneously massage your glans.

Take your time and experiment; electro clitoral stimulation can be a 'love it or hate it' situation but if you find yourself enjoying the unique sensations it only gets better with experience!