What types of electro toys are available for women?

The beauty of electro stimulation is that a lot of the accessories are unisex and their use is purely dictated by which part of your body you wish to stimulate. We prefer to use non-anatomical designs for our accessories- not only does it fit our own brand aesthetic but we recognise that when searching for a premium sex toy experience sometimes hyper-realistic designs can be a little overwhelming.

This list of toy types and Frequently Asked Questions is to help guide users which toys are specifically designed for the female anatomy. We'll also touch on some of the nuances to play and which toys are the most popular with our female customers.

Dildos & Insertable Probes

A staple of any good sex toy brand is the dildo! Electro dildos and internal toys elevate the e-stim experience by stimulating your nerve endings and muscles from the inside.

The humble dildo is one of the first sex toys ever created, with one historical example dating all the way back to 30,000 years ago! Initially crafted out of stone, dildos have gone through many incarnations to become the smooth and sleek sex toys made from glass, silicone and metal that we buy today.

Dildos differ from vibrators because they don’t have any internal mechanisms, they are quite simply material made into a phallic shape. Our electro dildos are somewhere in between vibrators and dildos because although they don’t include any internal components to bring them to life, they can be connected to our ElectraStim Stimulators to give them a range of unique sensations that no other sex toy type can replicate.

What Is An Electro Dildo?

Wave Metal Bi-Polar Electro DildoAn electro dildo is any sort of insertable toy that’s designed to conduct electrical signals. Some electro dildos come with everything already built in, but generally it’s better to have a dildo electrode that connects to a stimulator. Separate dildos and electro-stimulators give you a better degree of control over stimulation, tend to have more patterns and intensity settings plus you can also use stimulators with a wide range of other electrodes.

How To Buy And Use An ElectraStim Electro Dildo

You will need to buy an ElectraStim Stimulator in order to power your electro dildo. We sell multiple stimulators with a range of functions; some of which like our Flick EM60-M set even come with a small probe to get you started. It’s similarly sized to a vibrating love egg and is ideal for G-spot stimulation, so despite its tiny stature it has an excellent erotic impact.

If you’re looking to experiment as part of a couple or individually then our beginner Beginner Bundle - KIX Electro Sex Stimulator, Explorer Finger Sleeves and Conductive Gelunit the KIX, or ElectraStim Flick EM60-M or ElectraStim Flick Duo EM80 multipacks are the perfect kits for beginners. Not only do they include our Silicone Noir Aura probe, they also come with a set of 4 conductive pads (which are perfect for sharing sensations with a lover) and a set of 2 ElectraLoops cock rings and gel.

Choosing The Best Dildo For You

Finding the right dildo for you is really easy. You can use your pre-existing dildo collection as your guide or choose something that closely matches your sexual experiences in terms of size. We detail the dimensions for all of our sex toys in our descriptions so you should never find the dimensions to be surprising. If you need any help deciding on the right toy, you can contact us via telephone or email.

Many people find that thicker or girthier toys are more challenging than longer toys, so pay attention to the diameter and circumference of the dildos you’re interested in. The average penis measures up with a girth of around 4.35 inches, so you’ll find that most of our probes are comparably smaller. Likewise, the average length is approximately 5.5 inches, so many of our dildos are somewhat smaller than ‘average’.

If you’re looking for a small dildo then our Silicone Noir Aura or Nona electrodes are the perfect choices. They’re both made from soft silicone and offer hands-free stimulation when worn vaginally or anally. Aura is the smaller of the two and has a more beginner-friendly shape while Nona has a thick tip and upward curve for more targeted G-spot or prostate stimulation.

Komodo beginners e-stimOur Silicone Fusion 'Komodo' Dildo is the perfect mid-point for someone who has experience with dildos but hasn't tried electro penetration just yet. The smooth silicone and familiar shape make this dildo ideal for beginners but with the capacity to be really intense for experienced users.

For fans of deeper and thicker penetration we have two larger metal dildos that might tickle your fancy. Our ElectraStim Wave Dildo is a bestseller thanks to its deeply ridged shaft that offers a textured enhancement to play. It’s our second-largest dildo with a 5.5-inch length and 3.5-inch circumference.

If you’re looking for a dildo designed especially for G-spot and prostate stimulation, look no further than our Silicone Noir Ovid Dildo. This curvaceous electrode boasts an upward curve and swollen tip to optimise pressure on your internal pleasure zones.

How To Use An Electro-Dildo

Most dildos rely on twisting and thrusting to create sensation, but ElectraStim dildos are a little bit different. You can still enjoy them in the traditional way but you can also insert them and let your ElectraStim stimulator do all of the hard work. To really spice things up, try a mix of the two!

When you connect an ElectraStim dildo to your stimulator it will conduct an array of sensations depending on which program you select and how strong the intensity is. For the best experience you’ll want to switch your stimulator to a pattern setting and then raise the intensity until you feel your pelvic floor muscles start to contract in time with stimulation.

The feeling of your body contracting around the dildo is incredible, it closely matches the muscular throbbing you experience during orgasm. Your body will clench and relax around the dildo, quickening your arousal and making you feel incredibly sexy. The feeling really is completely different to anything any other sex toy can create.

Ramp up the eroticism by using a bullet vibrator or by using a dildo during oral sex or foreplay. The combination of those deep vaginal contractions and clitoral stimulation can quickly build you to an explosive orgasm. If you’re one of the lucky women who can orgasm through G-spot stimulation alone, you can let the dildo do all of the hard work for you while you play with your breasts or focus on your lover.

How To Use Electro Toys For Clitoral Stim

Although it's usually the first intimate zone most women want to stimulate, using electro stimulation for clitoral play takes a little bit of practice. Many first timers find that the sensations are a little more sensitive rather than the pleasurable experience they were hoping for and that can put people off trying again. However, don't give up! There are ways to make the experience much more pleasurable.

When you use vibrators and other vibrating sex toys to pleasure the clitoris, their energy tends to be focused on the clitoral glans – the part of the clitoris that protrudes from the clitoral hood. If you use a small electrode to stimulate your clitoris directly in this way, the sensations that are felt are

incredibly intense and can feel very prickly. This is because a lot of energy is being focused on a small surface area, resulting in a concentrated burst of stimulation. That’s all well and good if you’re looking to push your pleasure/pain boundaries but if you’re looking for a more sensual experience right away you're going to be unsatisfied.

The Halo

Our Halo Clitoral Stimulator is our first electrode designed for clitoral pleasure. It has two different contacts to explore – a petite tip that’s better for more intense sensation and a larger base that’s ideal for more pleasurable sensations. You can use Halo as a bi-polar electrode but while you’re experimenting with sensations it’s better to use it as a uni-polar electrode alongside an ElectraPad or another electrode you’re already familiar with. Our long electra-pads are especially suited for clitoral stimulation as they can be placed lengthways alongside the clitoris.

Before you play with Halo you should already be fully aroused as you’re going to use the larger contact to massage your clitoral shaft. If you’re unsure of the path your clitoral shaft takes, you can find it by gently pinching your clitoral hood and slowly moving your fingers backwards along your mons pubis. You should be able to feel a well-defined pathway of erectile tissue that extends from the very tip of your clit and disappears beneath your skin. That’s where you want to focus stimulation.

Plug Halo into your stimulator so that the bottom, larger contact will be live and rest it on your mons pubis. Before you switch on the power, practice rolling the surface along the length of your clitoris. You’ll want to use a little pressure to stimulate through the layers of skin between Halo and the entire clitoral shaft. The clitoris is way bigger than it looks on the outside and extends deeper into your body in a 'shaft'. You may feel that your clitoris responds to the shaft being massaged before you switch your stimulator on.

Now you’ve got the motions perfected, you can bring stimulation into play. Use some conductive gel to lubricate the tip of the Halo to improve conductivity. This is a must with most external electrodes.

When you’re feeling confident with the sensations, switch your stimulator to a pattern setting. Alongside the soft tingles you’ve been experiencing you’ll start to feel throbbing contractions in your clitoral shaft. If you can’t feel contractions you can try varying the pressure you’re using or turn up the intensity but be careful not to turn your stimulator up too high.

Once you’ve found your rhythm with clitoral e-stim you can try massaging the glans. You may want to turn the intensity down before you try. Continue the rolling motion you’ve been using along your shaft, but extend it over the clitoral tip. If you find sensation is still too strong, you can try stimulating through the hood for a more buffered sensation. Direct clitoral e-stim is not for everyone and if you find it’s more appealing to confine stimulation to your shaft, you can use your finger or a vibrator to simultaneously massage your glans.

Take your time and experiment; electro clitoral stimulation can be a 'love it or hate it' situation but if you find yourself enjoying the unique sensations it only gets better with experience!

Female Anal Play & How It Differs From The Male Experience

Although there are a wealth of anal sex guides out there (and we all have very similar parts in that area of the body) women don't have a prostate, and when it comes to electro anal play it's a slightly different type of pleasure than that experienced by men.

Our Guide To Female Anal play explains more about electro anal play and answers some of the most common questions submitted by women.


No Prostate? No Problem.

During anal sex, electro or otherwise, a large portion of the pleasure for men comes from stimulation of the prostate (p-spot). Women have different pleasure spots and as such anal toys need to be approached slightly differently.

Silicone Noir Sirius Electro Prostate Massager

Although the electro will work in the same way, the curved shape of prostate toys are designed to manually hit a spot that's simply not there for a woman, so many will find this shape unsuitable for anal play. Instead, a symmetrical design like our Rocker Butt Plugs are more suited to deliver a smooth sensation that stimulates the entire anal passage evenly.

Tip: Although the Sirius or Habanero may not be comfortable for female anal play, it is perfectly shaped to manually rub against the g-spot...


First Time...

You should approach your first electro anal experience in the same way as you'd approach any first-time anal play session. Make sure that you're sufficiently aroused with plenty of time to explore without any outside pressure.

When starting with an electro insertable we always recommend trying it without the stimulator connected so you can get the feel of the material and the size as well as your most comfortable position. Using a high quality water-based lubricant (silicone or hybrid lubes are insulators and will block the electro sensations) you should make sure that the toy and your anal entrance is sufficiently lubricated. Gently push against the anus until your body relaxes and accepts the toy comfortably.

Once you're happy with this, it's time to connect the electro! NEVER turn the stimulator unit on until you're properly connected, the toy is fully inserted into the body and you're ready for the sensations. It's not dangerous but can give you an unpleasant surprise otherwise! Slowly increase the intensity and experiment with different levels and patterns until you find a pleasurable one. You can then use hands/any other toys (i.e. for clitoral stimulation) for additional stimulation if you wish.

Whereas a male experiencing anal play will find that the pleasure is concentrated around the prostate, women are likely to have a less targeted level of stimulation and more of a deep clenching sensation that can be controlled with your stimulation to reach the desired level of intensity.

For first time anal-players we always recommend using our Aura or Nona probes as they're the smallest in our range and offer a beginners experience

Stimulating The Kegel Muscles

Keeping the pelvic floor in good shape is a concern for many women, especially after giving birth. Pelvic floor health and tone is associated with vaginal muscle control and tightness, urethral control and improved continence. It’s also thought to have an effect on the intensity of orgasm, with stronger pelvic floor muscles producing a more intense and longer-lasting climax. Remembering to give your Kegel muscles a workout can be tricky if you already have a challenging and busy lifestyle.

Lula is the world’s first sex toy to combine the orgasmic jiggling sensations of silver balls (also known as jiggle balls) with the practical application of an electro-conductive Kegel toning system. Expect erotic tingles and orgasmic contractions while you work towards improved pelvic floor tone. Use Lula for 20 minutes per day during your pelvic floor exercises and discover a more pleasurable way to help keep your erogenous muscles in top shape.

Made from 100% platinum-cured silicone, Lula is beautifully smooth and soft to the touch, quickly warming to body temperature. The top ball contains a free-roaming weight that rhythmically rolls against the G-spot, encouraging the vaginal muscles to clench and relax in response. Connect Lula to any ElectraStim stimulator and the bi-polar conductive contacts in the bottom ball come to life, making your vaginal muscles tingle and contract in time with your chosen stimulation pattern. Not only does Lula feel great to wear, it helps you locate your pelvic floor for improved muscular control.

Compatible with the full range of ElectraStim stimulators, Lula is the perfect electrode for women who want tailored stimulation to match their unique bodily desires. Choose a throbbing or pulsating pattern setting and enjoy hands-free pleasure. For an added orgasmic boost, team Lula’s internal stimulation with clitoral stimulation using your fingers or a bullet vibrator.

Please note that we do not make or infer any medical benefits occurring from the use of our products. Benefits that have been reported to us are anecdotal and should be treated as such.

G Spot Orgasms & Squirting- Can I Achieve This With Electro Sex?

If you read women’s magazines, watch porn or you’ve read erotic blogs then you’ve probably heard of female ejaculation, also known as squirting. How and why squirting occurs is a subject for hot debate and the best sources of information usually come from those who squirt themselves.
Those in the now say that squirting is closely connected with massaging the G-spot, a raised bump located around 3 inches inside the vagina on the wall closest to your tummy. Teasing the G-spot in just the right way can improve sexual pleasure during internal play, help you to produce more vaginal lubrication and also help you achieve a squirting orgasm.

How squirting works and whether every woman can do it is a matter for scientific debate. Some women claim squirting happens from the vagina, others say the Skene’s glands just below the urethra produce the ejaculate. Some say they need simultaneous clitoral and vaginal stimulation while others claim it’s all in the G-spot. In the absence of any definitive studies, we’ve scoured the world wide web for the best squirting tips from those who can and have created two silicone sex toys using our research to help women experience female ejaculation.


How Do I Learn To Squirt?

One tip that seems universally popular is slowly building up sensation to create a powerful internal orgasm. This is achieved by rhythmically massaging the G-spot, often using the index and forefinger in a ‘come hither’ motion. It can be tricky to massage your own G-spot in this way and that’s where G-spot sex toys like vibrators come into play.

G-spot sex toys are shaped to nuzzle the G-spot during play. Longer sex toys like dildos feature a swollen tip that nuzzles her hotspot during thrusting, making easy work out of massaging. You can try rocking the toy up and down during thrusts to increase the pressure you feel on the G-spot. All of that manual stimulation can be tough work on the hands, especially as G-spot orgasms build slower and take more time than simply stimulating the clitoris. To take some of the work out of play, we've created two unique electro-sex toys designed for G-spot play.

Nona is sized and shaped to nuzzle into your G-spot. The ergonomic shape is held in place by the vagina, allowing you to enjoy pleasurable stimulation hands free. Select a pattern setting on your stimulator and slowly increase the intensity until you experience a rhythmic throbbing in your pelvic floor in time to the pattern you choose. At first, you’ll experience a flurry of tingles that can feel a little prickly, this is your nerve endings responding to new sensation and you should find you acclimatise quickly.

Once you’re ready, climb the power levels until you feel your vagina begin to contract in time with stimulation. Your vaginal muscles will contract and relax, feeling similar to the contractions you experience during orgasm. This is your tipping point and that’s where the fun really starts. You’ll find your body responds less as it gets used to stimulation so you may need to increase power levels throughout play.

Your vaginal contractions will rock Nona in time with stimulation, massaging your G-spot with the textured tip. This sensation feels immensely pleasurable and can lead some women to orgasm hands free. It does take some time to build up to a G-spot orgasm (some estimate 20-30 minutes), so be prepared for an erotically intense build up and to be left lingering on the edge. If it all becomes too much, you’ll find that wearing Nona leaves your clitoris uninhibited for additional stimulation.

During play you’re likely to notice an increase in vaginal lubrication, sometimes to amazing levels. Too much lubrication can dampen conductivity so if you’re using a high level on your stimulator, it’s worth removing Nona periodically and giving the surface a wipe before reinserting.

Ovid G-Spot Dildo

If you like more control over G-spot massage then Ovid is the perfect choice. This 5-inch insertable dildo has a duo of G-spot pleasing bumps – one at the tip and one in the mid-shaft. That’s a double G-spot massage with every thrust, an incrediblySilicone Noir Ovid Electro G-Spot Dildo complementary sensation to the EES contractions and tingles. The mid-shaft bump has also given some women additional clitoral stimulation, further enhancing their pleasure.

We’ve placed conductive panels down each side of the shaft, so you’ll feel stimulation along the length, even if the full dildo isn’t inserted. The insulated finger loop makes Ovid intuitive to use, making easy work of thrusting, twisting and rocking to better tailor your G-spot stimulation to your needs.

Komodo Silicone Electro Dildo

Silicone Fusion Komodo Electro Dildo

Slightly larger than Ovid at 5.5 of insertable length and suitable for suctioning against a wall, riding or use in a strap-on harness. Some people find that the extra pressure against their G-Spot during seated play is the perfect way to get squirting! Komodo is made from the same high quality silicone as Ovid but this time in a stunning red shade.



How To Use A Probe or Dildo to Squirt:

There’s no sure-fire way to experience female ejaculation but you’re going to have a lot of fun trying. If you’re experimenting with Nona or Ovid then follow our top tips to improve your chances of squirting:

– Spend time edging

– Allowing yourself to linger at the point of orgasm is a great way to build orgasmic potential and can make your resulting climax stronger and longer lasting.

– If you feel frustrated, climb down a few power levels and build yourself back up. Varying power levels is a great way to build up to orgasm and you don’t want to max out too soon.

– Use periodical clitoral stimulation to help build you to orgasm, your G-spot doesn’t need to do all of the work.

– Monitor levels of lubrication to ensure good conductivity – the wetter the better!

– Try moving your body against the electrode for additional stimulation. Rock your hips back and forth or grind rhythmically to increase pressure.

– Try a tighter fit. Crossing your legs while using a G-spot electrode or sitting upright while wearing Nona will improve the contact between the conductive surfaces and vaginal wall.

– Often when you squirt it can feel a little like you need to go to the bathroom. However, if you've urinated before play then just relax into that feeling as it can often be the start of a satisfying g-spot orgasm.

– Don’t give up! Sex rarely gets worse with practice.

I Have An IUD (the Coil). Can I Use Electro Sex?

One of the most frequent questions we get from women is 'I have The Coil, can I still use electro sex?'

Despite finding lots of advice saying that women shouldn't notice any difference in stimulation while having the contraceptive coil, we've never found any medical evidence to the contrary written by actual women.

So, we had to call in some help from our friends! As such, this is purely anecdotal and your experience may differ but hopefully gives you an idea of how to play safely while having a coil inserted.

We provided two ladies with The Coil a selection of our insertable toys and asked for feedback - primarily the big question- "Could you feel the current in The Coil?"

One agreed with the majority of advice guides around on the internet and said she enjoyed the sensation but couldn't feel anything unusual. However, our second willing guinea pig said she actually could feel a slight tingle in the location of the coil while using an electro dildo; almost as if the sensation was slightly concentrated in that area.

So, unfortunately that's a little inconclusive in terms of stimulation, but we can be confident it's safe.

As we'd provided both ladies with a selection of our toys, here's the best advice we can give on how to use e-stim sex toys with an IUD and which are our best products to avoid side effects.

  1. Avoid Toys with Conductive Contacts which Extend to the Tip

    The string of the coil extends down through the cervix and into the vagina, so when an electroconductive panel makes contact with the wet string, it sends a current straight up through the IUD. The coil itself is very conductive, so once stimulation reaches it - it feels quite intense in the cervix. Toys like Wave have conductivity in the tip due to the laminated design, so when the tip makes contact with the coil string, sensation will conduct into the IUD. To prevent this, you want to stick to sex toys which concentrate sensation to the first few inches of the vagina. The Silicone Noir Ovid Dildo, Lula Kegel Balls and Aura Multiprobe provided no coil side effects for my test subject. These toys all have contacts which don't extend to the tip or do not reach deep enough inside the vagina to make contact with the string.
  2. Stick to Shallow Insertion

    If you want to use metal dildos like Wave or probes like Tadpole or Depth Charge, then it's best not to venture too deep. Keeping stimulation to the G-spot area instead of heading to the (deep) A-spot will reduce the chances of feeling stimulation through your coil.
  3. Try Using a Contraceptive Sponge

    Or a sex tampon! Placing something between the string and your toy will diffuse sensation and reduce the chances of you feeling sensation in the coil.
  4. Place Some Silicone Lube on the Tip

    Silicone lubricant acts as an insulator, so on lower power levels you may find that some silicone lube is enough to divert sensations away from your coil string.

The sensations you may feel in your cervix when using e-stim toys with coil contraception can feel unusual but not painful. IUDs tend to intensify sensation due to the small contact area, so it can feel more intense through the cervix than it feels in the vagina when contact is made.

With plenty of forethought about the toys you use and how you use them, there is no reason why you can't enjoy electro sex toys while using an IUD.