Electro Dildos & Internal Toys

A staple of any good sex toy brand is the dildo! Electro dildos and internal toys elevate the e-stim experience by stimulating your nerve endings and muscles from the inside.

The humble dildo is one of the first sex toys ever created, with one historical example dating all the way back to 30,000 years ago! Initially crafted out of stone, dildos have gone through many incarnations to become the smooth and sleek sex toys made from glass, silicone and metal that we buy today.

Dildos differ from vibrators because they don’t have any internal mechanisms, they are quite simply material made into a phallic shape. Our electro dildos are somewhere in between vibrators and dildos because although they don’t include any internal components to bring them to life, they can be connected to our ElectraStim Stimulators to give them a range of unique sensations that no other sex toy type can replicate.

What Is An Electro Dildo?

Wave Metal Bi-Polar Electro DildoAn electro dildo is any sort of insertable toy that’s designed to conduct electrical signals. Some electro dildos come with everything already built in, but generally it’s better to have a dildo electrode that connects to a stimulator. Separate dildos and electro-stimulators give you a better degree of control over stimulation, tend to have more patterns and intensity settings plus you can also use stimulators with a wide range of other electrodes.

How To Buy And Use An ElectraStim Electro Dildo

You will need to buy an ElectraStim Stimulator in order to power your electro dildo. We sell multiple stimulators with a range of functions; some of which like our Flick EM60-M set even come with a small probe to get you started. It’s similarly sized to a vibrating love egg and is ideal for G-spot stimulation, so despite its tiny stature it has an excellent erotic impact.

If you’re looking to experiment as part of a couple or individually then our beginner Beginner Bundle - KIX Electro Sex Stimulator, Explorer Finger Sleeves and Conductive Gelunit the KIX, or ElectraStim Flick EM60-M or ElectraStim Flick Duo EM80 multipacks are the perfect kits for beginners. Not only do they include our Silicone Noir Aura probe, they also come with a set of 4 conductive pads (which are perfect for sharing sensations with a lover) and a set of 2 ElectraLoops cock rings and gel.

Choosing The Best Dildo For You

Finding the right dildo for you is really easy. You can use your pre-existing dildo collection as your guide or choose something that closely matches your sexual experiences in terms of size. We detail the dimensions for all of our sex toys in our descriptions so you should never find the dimensions to be surprising. If you need any help deciding on the right toy, you can contact us via telephone or email.

Many people find that thicker or girthier toys are more challenging than longer toys, so pay attention to the diameter and circumference of the dildos you’re interested in. The average penis measures up with a girth of around 4.35 inches, so you’ll find that most of our probes are comparably smaller. Likewise, the average length is approximately 5.5 inches, so many of our dildos are somewhat smaller than ‘average’.

If you’re looking for a small dildo then our Silicone Noir Aura or Nona electrodes are the perfect choices. They’re both made from soft silicone and offer hands-free stimulation when worn vaginally or anally. Aura is the smaller of the two and has a more beginner-friendly shape while Nona has a thick tip and upward curve for more targeted G-spot or prostate stimulation.

Komodo beginners e-stimOur Silicone Fusion 'Komodo' Dildo is the perfect mid-point for someone who has experience with dildos but hasn't tried electro penetration just yet. The smooth silicone and familiar shape make this dildo ideal for beginners but with the capacity to be really intense for experienced users.

For fans of deeper and thicker penetration we have two larger metal dildos that might tickle your fancy. Our ElectraStim Wave Dildo is a bestseller thanks to its deeply ridged shaft that offers a textured enhancement to play. It’s our second-largest dildo with a 5.5-inch length and 3.5-inch circumference.

If you’re looking for a dildo designed especially for G-spot and prostate stimulation, look no further than our Silicone Noir Ovid Dildo. This curvaceous electrode boasts an upward curve and swollen tip to optimise pressure on your internal pleasure zones.

How To Use An Electro-Dildo

Most dildos rely on twisting and thrusting to create sensation, but ElectraStim dildos are a little bit different. You can still enjoy them in the traditional way but you can also insert them and let your ElectraStim stimulator do all of the hard work. To really spice things up, try a mix of the two!

When you connect an ElectraStim dildo to your stimulator it will conduct an array of sensations depending on which program you select and how strong the intensity is. For the best experience you’ll want to switch your stimulator to a pattern setting and then raise the intensity until you feel your pelvic floor muscles start to contract in time with stimulation.

The feeling of your body contracting around the dildo is incredible, it closely matches the muscular throbbing you experience during orgasm. Your body will clench and relax around the dildo, quickening your arousal and making you feel incredibly sexy. The feeling really is completely different to anything any other sex toy can create.

Ramp up the eroticism by using a bullet vibrator or by using a dildo during oral sex or foreplay. The combination of those deep vaginal contractions and clitoral stimulation can quickly build you to an explosive orgasm. If you’re one of the lucky women who can orgasm through G-spot stimulation alone, you can let the dildo do all of the hard work for you while you play with your breasts or focus on your lover.